Security and Compliance

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The need for security and compliance has never been as important as we move into a new political era for international trade in 2017.  American World Trade Chamber of Commerce (AWTCC) and TradeCert team up to offer compliance and security to exporters and chambers around the United States.

Our software partner, TradeCert offers world class software security that delivers peace of mind for you and your chamber’s members.  Their software includes security features that ensure your compliance with exporter’s documentation:

AVOID EMAIL: The exporter’s undertaking remains within the system at all times.  Therefore, you avoid any of the security threats sending important documents by email can be subject to.

SAFE SERVER: TradeCert uses a world class server system that delivers the industry’s best data infrastructure, ensuring that the software a) is safe and secure, and b) that the software is strongly protected from suffering outages  ACTRAC: TradeCert’s AcTrac facility allows for a full breadcrumb trail of each document’s journey.  This full record of the documentation process allows you to verify who carried out what activity and when.

AWTCC offers a compliance solution using the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) World Chambers Federation (WCF) Certificate of Origin Guidelines.  All AWTCC staff have earned a certificate of completion in their Certificate of Origin training program and use the guidelines as their authority in approving export documentation. In addition, certificates of origin are created using the UNeDOCs standard international template which is accepted worldwide.

AWTCC staff are experts in checking documents for completeness resulting in reduced shipment delays as well as advising on documentation for everything from using the appropriate form to consulate legalizations. AWTCC also carries professional liability insurance that includes our affiliate chambers.

The bottom line is to be sure both your technology and your human interaction offers the security and compliance you need in order to succeed in business. Choose your partners wisely.